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My quest was to have statistics in every player that played in Syracuse from 1858 to the present day. Document the score of every professional game played staring back in 1876. Plus chart our Syracuse baseball history and save historical memorabilia along the way.  I'm happy to report this project is now close to completion.

In what started to be a project for my own interest ended in a forty year battle to obtain all the information I could on Syracuse's great baseball history. It all started with the unlimited time and help offered by the Community Baseball Club of Syracuse better known as the Syracuse Chiefs. Then came the support of Tex & John Simone who have given so much to help keep professional baseball in Syracuse. Their dedication to our rich baseball history has no bounds. I cannot express enough thanks for their friendship and what these two individuals have done for our national pastime and for the City of Syracuse.

Then there is Jody Pucello, who not only provided his valuable time and memories but he helped us preserve the many artifacts we currently have in our collection of Syracuse Baseball History.

The hundreds of hours behind a microfilm viewer at the Onondaga County Public Library, special thanks to Jean Palmer. Browsing through the Onondaga Historical Association files and photo first with Denyse Clifford, then Judy Haven & Ed Lyon. Special thanks to Dennis Connors and Tom Hunter. The many trips to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Library in Cooperstown with thanks first and foremost to my friend Pat Kelly, President Jeff Idelson, also to research experts Daniel Bennett, Bill Deane, Gabriel Schector and Jon Blomquist. The visits with W. Lloyd Johnson, one of America's great baseball historians.
Very special thanks to Bob Scalione and his family- Emma, Jennifer, Bob, Stacey and Julie who are great Chiefs baseball fans and very special friends throughout the years.

The inside and colorful information provided by the"Voices of Syracuse" Professional baseball who brought the game to our homes each day. Thanks to- Red Parton, Jack Morse, John Harmon, Sean McDonough, Steve Grilli, Dan Hoard, Doug Sherman, Matt Vasgersian, Joel Mareiniss, Joe Castelano, Steve Hyder, Ted DeLuca, Matt Park, Mark Johnson, Mark Lukasiewicz, Bob McElligott, Jason Benetti and Kevin Brown.

Then there is International League President Randy Mobley and his assistant Chris Sprague. It is my great honor to serve on the International League's Hall of Fame voting committee. The Toronto Blue Jays (Pat Gillick, Gord Ash, Bob Nelson & Charlie Wilson) and the  Washington Nationals (Mike Rizzo, Stan Kaston, Bob Boone, Doug Harris, Mark Scialabba, Brian Minniti & Ryan Thomas) who provided memories, information and historical artifacts to help keep my project going. It is my honor to know each any every one of you listed above.

The help past & present of Syracuse managers who brought a different perspective to our history- Frank Verdi, Vern Benson, Bob Bailor, Nick Leyva, Bob Didier, Richie Hebner, Garth Iorg, Terry Bevington, Pat Kelly, Mel Queen, Omar Malave, Marty Pevey, Mike Basso, Doug Davis, Tim Foli, Trent Jewett, Randy Knorr and current manager Tony Beasley.

Also there are those special Syracuse baseball people- Don Waful, Joanne Simone, Wendy Shoen, Mike Voustinas, Dick Ryan, Al Halstead, Pete Shedd,  John & Michael Carapella, Red Coughlin,  Adam, Andrew & Ariel Shoen, Chris Laurenzo, Tom Van Schaack, Bill Dutch, Sue Mackay, Dan McCarthy, Joe Glisson, Tim Fox, Schad & Shepp families and longtime  trainer- Jon Woodworth.

To Syracuse Sports Journalist- Bob Snyder, Bud VanderVeer, Tom Leo, Bud Poliquin, Matt Michael, Mike Waters and Sean Kirst for sharing with me your memories covering Syracuse baseball and you unique style of writing that made us feel like we were at the game. Special thanks to ultimate professional... Doug Logan.

Most of all to my wife Nancy and our children (Jason, Jeff & Jenna (TJ)) who without their love and understanding I could have never completed this 40 year project. Finally to my dad Frank Gersbacher who played in the St. Louis Cardinal minor-league system and instilled in me at an early age the love of Chiefs baseball and to appreciate Syracuse's great sports history. Little did I know when I started this project that my great-great grandfather played for the Union Baseball Club of Syracuse following the Civil War, while my great-great uncle Peter Gersbacher Sr. served as its President in 1870 something I would do 136 years later. 

There are so many others who shared this wonderful experience with me with their special memories, photos and memorabilia in my Syracuse baseball  quest. I didn't want to forget any of you so your names are all listed below. Some may think this story has an ending, but I assure you with the building of Alliance Bank Stadium (formally P& C Stadium when built in 1997) Syracuse  baseball will live on so that like my children my grand children will have the opportunity to love and enjoy Syracuse baseball as I  have.


Players & Executives- Russ Adams, Butch Alberts, Andy Anderson, Joe Antonio, Bob Bailor, Mike Barlow, Dale Holman, Dave Bergman, Ewell Blackwell, Rick Bladt, Len Boehmer, Bob Boone, Jerry Brooks, Rich Butler, Seth Bynum, Scott Cassidy, Alan Closter, Darnell Coles, Bobby Cox, Tim Crabtree, Carlos Delgado, Frank DiPino, Jamie Dismuke, Henry "Dutch" Dotterer, "Dutch" Dotterer, Tom Dotterter, Greg Erardi. Tom Evans, Lou Fault, Tony Fernandez, Tim Foli, Bob Fruciano, Ron Gardner, Johnny Gee, Ray Gianelli, Pat Gillick, Dave Giusti, Frank Giusti, Shawn Green, John Ford Griffin. Jason Grilli, Steve Grilli, Gabe Gross, Ron Guidry, Joe Grzenda, Doug Harris, Pat Hentgen, Fred Hopke, Willie Horton, John Johnstone, Mack Jones, Stan Kaston, Bill Kelly, Mickey Klutts, Randy Knorr, Chase Lambin. Dave Lemanczyk, Bob Lipski, Gene Locklear, Mark Lukasiewicz, Ed Mahar, Mal Mallette, Fred McGriff, Denny McLain, Chad Mottola, Bob Nandin, Jim Northrup, Pete Orr, Jimmy Outlaw, Steve Owens, Stu Pederson, Bob Polinsky, Jon Ratliff, Frank Riccelli, Bobby Richardson, Jim Riggleman, Mike Rizzo, Dick Rockwell, Andy Russo, Hank Sauer, Mark Scialabba, Mike Schultz, Eddie Shokes, John Simone, Tex Simone, Justin Singleton, Bill Sinton, Don Stanford, Frank Tepedino, Mike Timlin, Otto Velez, Greg "Boomer" Wells, Vernon Wells, Terry Whitfield, Ernie Whitt, Bobby Williams, Todd Williams, Frank Wills, Charlie Wilson, Dick Woodridge, Dickie Woodridge, Jon Woodworth, George Zeber and Eddie Zosky..
The Many-Many Others- Ryan Abbott, Clayton Andrews, Nancy Amidon, Ashley Anderson, Chet Andrews, Joel Banowit, Kerry Bennett, Lou Benz, Harold Berman, Tom Blanchard, Michael Bragman, Bill Brown, Bob & Thelma Brown, Bob Caferelli, Marie Cahill, Guy Capone, John & Patty Carapella,  Michael Carapella, Judy Carapella, Herm Card,  Mike Cassidy, Rick Cerrone, Dr Richard Cohen, Bobby Comstock Jr, Bob Costas, Jack Cottrell, Steve Davis,  NY State Senator- John DeFransco, John Daino, Dinneen family, Nancy Dockry (daughter of Wally Cazen), Bob Dorgan, Tom Dresh, Gary Dunes, Jim Durkin, Tracy Durkin, Bill Dutch, Bill Eberhardt, Ed & Debbie Elderbroom, Jen Elderbroom, Brain Elwell, Jim Emm, Leonard Engler, Paul Fairbanks, Don Familo, Mike Ferrante, Fifield Family, Bruce Fine, Larry Fitz, Tim Fox, Gary Frenay, Victor Gallucci, Hal Galvin, Tom Ganey, Rick Gary, John Gee II, Joe Glisson, Ed Gonser, Jorge Gonzalez, Mike Greenstein, Murray Hall, Al Halstead, Earl Harrist Family, B.J. Hayes, Bobby Hayes, John Hessmiller, Harold Higham, Dick Holbert, Bill & Steve Hofmann, Dan Hoard, Steve Hyder, Bruce Johnson, Josh Jones, Neil Katz, Patricia Kelly, TJ & Jenna Kenyon, Paul Kiriry, George Kirkpatrick, Sean Kirst, Don Klug, Joseph Kren Jr, Tony Kreuzer, Joe LaGuardia, Bill Lansley, Luke LaPorta, Don Lehtonen, Ronnie Leigh, Tom Leo, Doug Logan, Peter Madden, Armand Magnarelli, Kevin Mahar, Fred Matt & the Matt Family, Dan McCarthy, Dutch Mele family, Crandall Melvin III, Hy Miller, Tony Modafferi, Randy Mobley, Jeff Morey, Jack Morse, Dave Murray, Marty Nave, Dave Novak, Okie, Claude "Red" Parton, Dave Perkins, Bill Pfohl, Leo Pickney, Jim Prendergast family, Jody Pucello, John Reynolds, David Rezak, Charles Rich, Alan "Mr Mint" Rosen. Dan Russo, Tony Russo, Dick Ryan, Jamie Sah, Bob Scalione, Don Schad, April Schad, Jack Schad, Schepp family, Steve Shoen,  Kim Schweitzer, Fred Sears, Paul Shedd, Pete Shedd, Amanda Shevchuk, Alex Simone, Aron Simone, Paul Smith,  Jeff Stier, George Sterzer, Babe Testone, Bud Thevenow, John Vanderwege, Mike Voutsinas, Don Waful, Peter Waful,  Chuck Wainwright, former US Congressman Jim Walsh. Kevin Walsh, Jay Wason Jr. Chris Watson, Tom Weil, Peter White, Joe Whiting, Roger Worboys, Roger Zellweger,

Syracuse Chiefs Baseball Club, International Baseball League, Auburn Doubledays Baseball Club, Onondaga County Park Department, Onondaga Historical Association,  Syracuse Press Club, Syracuse Baseball Wall of Fame, New York State Encyclopedia.

USA Olympians-  Natasha Watley, Tariara Mims-Flowers, Tracey Nuveman, Dr. Dot Richardson and UCLA Coach- Sue Enquist

Thanks also to the Syracuse Media- WSYR AM Radio, WSYR TV-9,  WCNY TV, WFBL Radio WHEN Radio, WSEN Radio, WSKO AM, WSYT TV-3, WTVH TV-5, WYYY FM, SUNNY 102 FM, YNN, Post Standard Newspaper, Syracuse New Times, Time Warner Cable Sports

As the former historian of the Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame (1988-2007) it was my great honor to represent for induction many of Syracuse's greatest players posthumously- Henry McCormick, Mike Dorgan, Bill Dinneen, George "Hooks" Wiltse, Joseph Kren Sr. and Bob Shawkey. What a thrill.

Through the years John Simone and I have spoken many times of forming a Syracuse Baseball Wall of Fame to honor not only great Chiefs, SkyChiefs & Stars players, but great Syracuse native professional ball players. In 1998 with Tex Simone's help the Syracuse Baseball Wall of Fame became a reality. Now we have a vehicle to honor such greats as Grover Cleveland Alexander, Mike Dorgan, Vic Willis, Howard Ehmke, Jim Bottomley, Pepper Martin, Hank Sauer, Jimmy Outlaw, Dutch Mele, Mack Jones, Willie Horton, Jim Northrup, Dave Bergman, Ron Guidry, Thurman Munson,  Fred McGriff, Tony Fernandez, Bobby Cox and two of my favorites Carlos Delgado & Shawn Green.

We are thrilled the fans cherish this Wall of Fame, its a lasting tribute to Syracuse Baseball playera and fans everywhere....

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